a raping (stories of a lesser duration)

February 13, 2010

1. (THE SOUND OF A CELLO!) a too familiar piece…TRAGEDY! unheard foot-steps have quickened, back and forth, the pacing unseen figure feels the same fucking anguish…MUST I ALWAYS WAIT! tormented eyes find butterflies and rainbows, ponies and…ANGELS! a unique sense of smell detects only one thing innocence…FRESH! his ear’s witness the worst of horrors…CURSED SOUND! explicit whispers. upon a bed, fashioned with unicorn sheets, lays the prey, atop, the beast. tiny hands and feet try to struggle, an immature brain’s incapable of defining such an obvious massacre; audible thumps, heard only by the transparent stranger, a guiltless heart pumps virgin blood.

“BE A GOOD GIRL.” the animal’s taken ahold of a white pillow with pink lace, covering the small-girl’s face. the pacing figure stops, stepping closer. twitching limbs fall limp, a finger to his merciful lips, the observant stranger extends a kiss, magnificent warmth is placed upon exposed skin…IN…OUT…IN the invisible figure, with patient breaths…SLOW AND EASY! attempts to decipher the animal’s stench…SLOW AND EASY! a life-time of an uninhaled odor, yr by yr, has plagued the inpatient figure’s growing need for understanding…IN…OUT…IN the restless stranger exhales, leaning very close, and whispers, “PAIN!” though soundless, the expressive word enters, piercing.

back in the shadowed corner the over-coated figure kneels, tears begin to fall; drops of pure energy cleanse and protect the waiting girl’s future soul, from her unfortunate present…PENETRATION! the most intimate of tissue begins to stretch and tear, however, the animal cringes and stops…PAIN! paradise has become fire. again the beast attempts an act of entering, and again it’s met by flames…PAIN! startled and confused, the desire sours; the animal flees, unfulfilled. the kneeling stranger remains, subservient, and waits; a complex mind racing.

“WHO ARE YOU?” a tiny structure, the soul of the small-girl silhouettes her former shape. the stranger elevates his drooping head and face, and smiles. the six-yr-old returns a tranquil expression, darling dark curls engulf her miniature, doll-like skull. “AN ANGEL.” replies the emotional figure. she’s puzzled. “ANGELS DON’T HAVE BEARDS.” “NO?” her eyes define what he seeks…PRISTINE! a perfect-insight to view this distorted world. “THEY WEAR WHITE-GOWNS, LIKE MOMMY DOES.” “DO THEY, WHAT ELSE?” the girl’s further bewildered. “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT ANGELS LOOK LIKE?” “I DON’T KNOW HOW THEY LOOK TO YOU.” she thinks. “WELL…” extending her arms as far, and wide as she can, “THEY HAVE REALLY BIG WINGS, WITH FEATHERS, LIKE A BIRD…THEY HAVE TO, KNOW WHY?” the angel shakes his head. “GOD MAKES THEM FLY ALL-OVER THE WORLD AND THEY GIVE OUT CANDY TO EVERY-ONE WHO DEAD.” “THAT’S A-LOT OF CANDY.” “HAVE YOU GOT ANY CANDY?” (LAUGHTER!) “NO, SORRY.” “THAT’S OK…ARE YOU SURE YOUR A ANGEL?” “PRETTY SURE.” “WHAT’S YOUR NAME?” “SHINE.” “MINE’S COTTON.” “YES, I KNOW.” “HOW DO YOU KNOW?” “I’M AN ANGEL.” “SHINE?” “YES.” “WHERE’S YOUR HALO? ALL ANGELS HAVE HALOS.” “I LEAVE MY IN HEAVEN; GOD GETS UPSET WHEN-EVER WE LOSE THEM.” “I UNDERSTAND, MOMMY GETS MAD TOO, WHEN I LOSE THINGS…CAN WE GO TO HEAVEN NOW? I’M GETTING COLD.” “IF YOUR READY, IT’S JUST THROUGH THE DOOR.” “THAT’S MY CLOSET, SILLY.” “GO LOOK AND SEE.” the small girl obeys; turning the knob, the door opens. “IT’S DARK.” “SO USE THE LIGHT.” the girl searches, and then pulls the dangling string…BRILLIANCE! “IT’S WARM.” “I’M SURE. ” “ARE YOU COMING WITH ME?” “NO, I’VE MORE WORK TO DO.” “WELL GOOD-BYE.” smiling, shine gives his farewell. he watches the child slowly dissolve, fully vanished, taking along with her, the brilliance. shine once again stares into a familiar darkness, his eyes pierce straight ahead without focus…MOVEMENT! both swift and haunting, the animal awaits.

standing, shine hesitates; nerves and inhibitions, a rapid charge, like insecure electricity, flows painfully through him…TINGLING! brought on from the horrendous abuse, purity and beauty, delectable treats of an unceasing mouth…PRECIOUS ENTITY! shine stands above the girls decaying shell, gingerly removing the smothering white pillow, with pink lace…HORROR! green projecting eyes; the deeper he looks the more detailed his own reflection; subtle pin-pricks, painless, slowly climb his envisioned spine…STRANGE! he straightens, and they fade. “HOW ODD!” howls, like mocking laughter, tear-out from the darkness, quickly attacking his personal-attention. shuttering, shine gives his final respects, and closes the door.

download ebook in it’s entirety.


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