Once upon a heavenly time i dreamt…Such beauty! a soul’s possession, wondrous-seedlings, opening...Pristine Air! breathable-elations, virginal and devine, forever stems rose high budding life of infinite color…Sun inspired! blossoms, ignited-sparks, growth and passion, an everlasting cerebral impression…Overwhelming! sweaty-palms and nerves, i’d stood frozen, an inferior stranger…Pounding! enkindled-blood, thoroughly pumped, conducted a fairytale sound…Luv-Luv Luv-Luv! nurtured-innocence, feminine-like contours and curves, unmistakable magical-blurs…Breath-taking! untouched constructed flesh, cosmic, natural yet unworldly, a swirling new scent had risen…Quality! bodily trembles, a rush of admiration broke loose. Read the rest of this entry »


day 1:  i began the day striding in some others’ in-prints…A Man! their endowed size engulfed my own…So feminine! breathless, self-inflicted gut-punch, effeminate-fists rose and fell; a bliss-less discovery, needing assistants, my arms uncontrollably swung. In-between my exaggerated-leaps i could only momentarily pause...Heat! impressionable-granules, minuscule-sparks accurately gathered pain beneath my infantile stature…Scorched! deformed-partnered-shadow, the perverse outline of my own  indeterminate-self appeared some how unnaturally transparent. Read the rest of this entry »

6 trillion insights, fabrications and myths, the speed of illumination races toward us a fueled entity of clutter and confusion; black-contusion, perforated-space…i stood, it feels, though only a second ago behind this most present secretion of thoughts, staring upward, feelings of confrontation glistening my blood-shot eyes. Tears and urination, total emotion, i had felt, momentarily, the rush of both relief and disbelief. Ah! i shivered, goose-bumps had enveloped me totally, i shook almost uncontrollably; the sporadic drops of falling piss, the only sound: a broken connection, though radio-static, between the open-sea and my-self. Read the rest of this entry »

1. Like a crowded-book landing flush upon the floor, Theodore Injure’s awoken by a belligerent, echoing sound; receding, peace and dreaminess, he stiffens…Fog! a redeveloping-insecurity, misty-vulnerabilities, the hairs atop his arms are sprinkled with minute droplets of a rustic-dew…Germs! a worried mind bullies an obedient hand…Oily! waxy-concoction, firm pellets that succumb to the slightest of pressures…Sticky! bloodshot finger-tips and a circulating-thumb, Theodore’s exhausted senses instantly heighten…The Feeling! an intimate-movement, friction between grooves, the communicating channels of his fingers and brain speak. “Freely!” spoken softly, he discovers encouragement to sit up: regular-aches and common-pains, the passage elapses. Read the rest of this entry »

morning: Theories, daisies and swaying trees, a young-woman’s unswollen eye, blood-stained and glossy, correctly reflects it’s devouring ambience though an esoteric-puddle would; light ripples of aesthetic-flesh, graceful and gentle, a malicious-breeze moves steadily across her irresistible fine skin, salacious-dance, somber-strands of blown hair. In pulsating waves, she quivers, like an electrical-shock through unprotected temples, her emotional-frame’s untherapeutically shaken awake: disorientation, blinding-like, coordination necessary to comprehend what’s desired feels drugged, retarded and numb, her recollection’s only able to mumble unintelligible things. Read the rest of this entry »

1.  The smell of evergreen; he breaths easy, deeply. Tiny sparks flicker amongst near-by trees, his eyes glisten to it too, these on-coming reflections, warm, though promising; steadily, in an instant, ignite every raw-droplet of immaculate-sap with something that passes as living. Like twinkling-stars, he’s reminded, only tease, riddle and puzzle, leaving a healthy brain vulnerable to breakable dreams…Hopes! he stares up-ward, the passage of wishful thinking, his expression grins: laughter’s crossed his mind again. Helpless, he chuckles aloud, an advocate of self-ridicule. Read the rest of this entry »