train over snow (gibberish: a collection)

March 3, 2011

1. Like a crowded-book landing flush upon the floor, Theodore Injure’s awoken by a belligerent, echoing sound; receding, peace and dreaminess, he stiffens…Fog! a redeveloping-insecurity, misty-vulnerabilities, the hairs atop his arms are sprinkled with minute droplets of a rustic-dew…Germs! a worried mind bullies an obedient hand…Oily! waxy-concoction, firm pellets that succumb to the slightest of pressures…Sticky! bloodshot finger-tips and a circulating-thumb, Theodore’s exhausted senses instantly heighten…The Feeling! an intimate-movement, friction between grooves, the communicating channels of his fingers and brain speak. “Freely!” spoken softly, he discovers encouragement to sit up: regular-aches and common-pains, the passage elapses.

Erect, and chilled completely through, Theodore sits harassed still, desperately making slight adjustments, re-centering attempts, which inwardly help thwart discomfort from totally steering things. “It’s freezing!” the suspended air’s once again become breezy…Hell! intricate-swirls, like strategic-dark-prophets, bend & turn the impenetrable gloominess…Forms and Shapes! unintelligible-beings, a constant collision between a precise-imagination and a chaotic-wind…Unrelenting! fixing, probing…”Lavish torment!” his head drops to a provided sigh; the restful softness of a sufficient-beard moderately aids his laying chin.

The hiss of liberated-steam, compassionate-white-cloud, Theodore’s entirely engulfed from head to toe…Structure! accurate-anatomy, he’s momentarily dissected into utter-harmony…Sociable-Blindness! accessible and friendly, Theodore temporarily feels mended…Perfected! beatitude, his mind’s no other interpretations…Heavenly! disappearing freedom, the vanishing of this immaculate-obscurity concludes…Infectious! manifestation, detailed and material, Theodore discovers, with a flinch, an established fresh-setting...Clarity! enriched, the raw scene came flawless: 6 elliptical train-cars, deep-grey and glossy, each is as invigorating as the untouched bullets of a shiny-gun. Blackened windows, fastened arrangements, polished copper & chrome, this representing machine projects a vibrancy so clean…Wholly! almighty-apparatus, unknown and thrilling, it’s purpose of being, like an audible fallen hammer, startles Theodore with it’s unseen projectile…Meaning! cursed and disheartening. “Shit!” spoken softly, he sees now he’ll need to express a greater caliber of attention. Grimacing, Theodore lazily stands; awaiting more of an interest, he stretches some.

Windless and dizzy, Theodore inevitably staggers upon his own lingering confusion…Familiar! indecisions, upright and painful, a refreshed crispness steadily descends; replenished and chilled, the air bares atmospheric-bewilderment…Snowflakes! crystallized-secrets, solidified and constructed different, Theodore winces, emotionally puzzled by the transpiring event. “Abominable!…” he cringes, “But there’s beauty too…” smothered by conflicting thoughts, Theodore’s flooded biological-pressure flares: bright-sparks, flickering-stars, his eye-sight detects only blurs, mesmerizing-plunge, though falling from an astronomic-height, Theodore yells out…Vaporous! self-essence, silence & quietude, each dissipates equally too soon…Prickling! embarrassment-swelling: flushed cheeks, burning ear-lobes & drums; seated, he attempts to regain some balance: focalized-breaths, slowly ingested, the ease of breathing soon comforts the agitations to living.

Once more Theodore awaits…Nothingness! basic-preparations, thoughtfully made, though an advisory at war, his mind makes necessary fortifications…Nothingness! a cerebral-barrier, movable and tender, Theodore tiresomely concentrates…Nothingness! conducive-blankness, buttoned eye-lids aid in the conception of a habitual abyss…Nothingness!vivid, vital lacuna, empty and free, the uncomplicated space, explicitly simple, gradually tranquilizes his beaten psyche…Nothingness! slumbering mind’s eye, eventful-hibernation, contently disconnected Theodore dozes off.

2. Distant bells and whistling, far far-away approaching slowly…Softness! discernible, gentle-charity, his perception’s enlivened by a coherent oncoming tone weaving therapeutically into & through…Seraphic! unusually-beauties, otherworldly-notes speaking fluently rational & clearer…Wondrous! auricular-plane, balanced and consistent, Theodore’s coarse equilibrium feels smoothed, unruffled…Mellowed! brokenness, his reclusive outlook steadily, and gingerly, felt approachable…Reachable! oblivion, unconscious and unconcerned, attained…Extinction! a brilliant apricot-glow, bittersweet yellows and reds, tangerine-apparition…Darling! enthusiasm, enticed by a beloved infatuation Theodore senses an irresistible  reason to reopen his barred understanding…Wisdom! authentic-insanity, crazed and awakened, Theodore’s eye-lids have now opened completely.

Eventually in pronounced-focus. “They’ve gone!” spoken softly, he sees that the train has left, and the snow melted; reflecting droplets glisten atop the metallic tracks. Gradually upon his feet, Theodore moves slowly, his full attention resting towards the watery-crumbs; a rush of something…Excitement! pumped-blood, he’s startled by this active need to see…Curiosity! accomplished, forward steps, Theodore’s movement ahead stops…Strange! embodiment, collection of melted change, he discovers an assortment of disfigured shapes…Transformation! flattened-coinage, silvery-metamorphosis, odd and comfortable, Theodore senses a slight air of achievement.

“Me!” spoken softly, he stares now straight, the assembled-tracks lay unbent numerous miles ahead; a thick and dark foliage proceeds too, on both-sides, in an inflexible-line…Divine! entrapment, a classical path towards complication and pain…Tranquil! instability, Theodore for a time wanders theoretically forward…Difficulty! lacking, his psychologically entangled limbs move about freely, doubt and insecurity gone, Theodore discovers confidence in the stride…Serenity! cooling-breeze, self-coerced, the fresh activity atop his face & skin steadily revives an asphyxiated life within his mind…Belief! treatable-disease, shaken back quickly to the previous reality, he sneezed.

Crisper, and growing colder, Theodore notices his surroundings have become more hospitable. The overcast-sky has dimmed, sporadic-spots of adrift-emptiness give off an aesthetic contrast…Independence! self-ruling black-clouds, though gaps in time, he feels a strengthened space of separation…Obedience! smothering, an inability to see readily triggers Theodore’s internal things…Rebellious! refreshment, his mind gasps on visualized-purity…A Burning! an initial-flash unabatingly passes, like new-born lungs, his sensitivity to liberation peaks…Freedom! singular-breaths, feeding, Theodore’s satisfactorily pumping-heart releases blood at 3-times it’s comfort-speed…Sympathy! bleeds, an opaque-spark, deep-rooted yet blossoming, ignites off the soft tissues of his eyes…Implicit! oncoming-fireball, advancing incalculable-speed, Theodore depicts a light…Dead! ahead. “And closing fast!” spoken softly, he calmly examines his most present, and standing position…Memories! content-tidbits, rearranged and repositioned again & again…Again & Again! uncrackable chain-links.

Propelling-angry, Theodore’s begun running…Faster! forward-throttle, working-internal-organs, muscles and bones, he calls upon all usable potential…Faster! accelerating-flames, minute fibers and cells, actual life, alive and burning…Faster! swelling and contracting, enkindled-lungs, an active-high is swirling through-out…Unbelievable! grapple-hold, up-lifting-caresses, Theodore’s soon fully intoxicated with the knowledge circulation offers…Insight! injection, wise and likable, enlightened-infection…Tinglings! bodily, awakened-core, he feels the initial buzz of enveloping goose-bumps…Comprehension! slowed by a more intelligent-pace, Theodore walks even-tempered, breathing-in gently an ambience of a greater philosophical-motion. “Apathy!” spoken softly, he freely reasons, for a time, his faith in order gone…Imagine! wishful-thoughts, though shooting-stars, in secret, realized & apprehended.

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