weak-days (gibberish: a collection)

March 3, 2011

day 1:  i began the day striding in some others’ in-prints…A Man! their endowed size engulfed my own…So feminine! breathless, self-inflicted gut-punch, effeminate-fists rose and fell; a bliss-less discovery, needing assistants, my arms uncontrollably swung. In-between my exaggerated-leaps i could only momentarily pause...Heat! impressionable-granules, minuscule-sparks accurately gathered pain beneath my infantile stature…Scorched! deformed-partnered-shadow, the perverse outline of my own  indeterminate-self appeared some how unnaturally transparent. “Fucking go!” hopping on a mere 13 feet, again i desired rest…Holy-Hell! pathetically winded, i make general attempts to gain back breaths…Motion! my mind stirred…Fuck! I’m sinking! straddling ahead, over growing confusion, i tripped then stumbled…Shit, i fell! throbs of an inborn head-ache, sweat leaked profusely, glistening skin, the property to my soul, like superior-fuel, attracted all things afire…Clinging! attacking, nondetachable-flames, i felt an unsurpassed burning; tiny grains clung like assertive-ticks…Biting! hairs set ablaze, renewable-wicks; up & screaming, i ran. as if actually crumbling, small particles tickled off…Ah! a distant relief is perceived to be coming closer. “Mother!”

Clear-sky, pristine-tinted-water…The Calm Blue Sea! bathed and refreshed, sitting 1/2 submerged, i squinted westward through a mass of bobbing sunless ass-cracks, eventually discovering the distant horizon…The End! timeless and unsurprising, the gentlest oblivion, salty breezes inspire my skin to pimple, body and mind, i quivered helplessly from it’s compassionate evaporation…Tiny beings! far-off and disappearing, propelling sails, my souls converged upon once more by the thoughts of companionable-winds…Air! breathable friend, deep breaths immediately expanded my own vulnerable existence, red-blood, circulating-water, a symphony-like composition;  revived and drifting, my perception began, temporarily, interpreting nearby sea-birds as formulated notes…Floating! elaborate splashes, the sounds of collision, liquid-pierced-material. i’d closed my eyes so to listen…Ah! a new frequency ripped them open...Something…Living! 20 yards away,  a pair of dipping fins. yanked upward i stood staring…Blown! chemically-induced-coma, my heart and mind conversed only through cosmic signals, eaches natural-state beaming…Clarity! flowing; again i’m fully enveloped with goose-bumps, splendid-communication; i stepped forward, though reaching…”Ah!…Fuck!” the reality of this splinter called life, returned…Royal hypocrisy! arrogant beer cans and broken glass, soiled diapers, the explicit picture turned shameful…Pitiful! over-fed inbreeds, peasants and kings, contagious forms grown enormous by perverse radiation…Evolution! hideous mutation, celestial and spreading, dead seedlings sprung upright…Philosophical! self-destruction, suicide by conception, multiplying ideas blossom and ripen, opinion-riddled-poison…Freedom! picturesque and fashionable, a fine rehabilitating prison…Recondition! claustrophobic-zoos, one continuous outdoor mall. the air around me felt exhausted. “Perhaps i’ve expired.” my frown began turning…Thirty Years Sentenced! completed… A long lost dream! accomplished. i see my feet beneath me have completed vanished; a cooling sense of suction pulled all so seductively…Though ejaculated semen! again i existed immersed in a cloudy-substance, primal-tokens, drops of a lush-ocean. my face contorted…Unsavory mixture! an observant-offspring, i cried.

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