of nudity and sky

November 20, 2013


Of nudity and sky, his tired eyes have begun to glisten some. Read the rest of this entry »

disobedient eagle

December 16, 2012


1. He screams becomes he hates things: Read the rest of this entry »


Eleven years have elapsed since the air changed…In! Out! In! enkindled-energy, cerebral, atmospheric, the entirety of humane-substance: inexperienced-spirits, men, women and children, consumed in tiny breaths…Magnificence! ignorant at 1st, though steadily through time, every active mind naturally perceived the healthy balance between significance and essence…Beating Hearts! life and death, infinite-friendship, each patiently suffered, yet still simultaneously thrived on an unanimous belief…Thinking! actual-contemplation, immaculate rivers and streams, unobstructed flowing thought…Excellence! rushing, over-whelmed and splitting, solitary-souls enriched with particularly potent atomic-structures soon stood apart, carefully watching…Loyalty! driven, incorruptible beings who whole-heartedly understood the purity of truth… Read the rest of this entry »

Once upon a heavenly time i dreamt…Such beauty! a soul’s possession, wondrous-seedlings, opening...Pristine Air! breathable-elations, virginal and devine, forever stems rose high budding life of infinite color…Sun inspired! blossoms, ignited-sparks, growth and passion, an everlasting cerebral impression…Overwhelming! sweaty-palms and nerves, i’d stood frozen, an inferior stranger…Pounding! enkindled-blood, thoroughly pumped, conducted a fairytale sound…Luv-Luv Luv-Luv! nurtured-innocence, feminine-like contours and curves, unmistakable magical-blurs…Breath-taking! untouched constructed flesh, cosmic, natural yet unworldly, a swirling new scent had risen…Quality! bodily trembles, a rush of admiration broke loose. Read the rest of this entry »

day 1:  i began the day striding in some others’ in-prints…A Man! their endowed size engulfed my own…So feminine! breathless, self-inflicted gut-punch, effeminate-fists rose and fell; a bliss-less discovery, needing assistants, my arms uncontrollably swung. In-between my exaggerated-leaps i could only momentarily pause...Heat! impressionable-granules, minuscule-sparks accurately gathered pain beneath my infantile stature…Scorched! deformed-partnered-shadow, the perverse outline of my own  indeterminate-self appeared some how unnaturally transparent. Read the rest of this entry »

6 trillion insights, fabrications and myths, the speed of illumination races toward us a fueled entity of clutter and confusion; black-contusion, perforated-space…i stood, it feels, though only a second ago behind this most present secretion of thoughts, staring upward, feelings of confrontation glistening my blood-shot eyes. Tears and urination, total emotion, i had felt, momentarily, the rush of both relief and disbelief. Ah! i shivered, goose-bumps had enveloped me totally, i shook almost uncontrollably; the sporadic drops of falling piss, the only sound: a broken connection, though radio-static, between the open-sea and my-self. Read the rest of this entry »

1. Like a crowded-book landing flush upon the floor, Theodore Injure’s awoken by a belligerent, echoing sound; receding, peace and dreaminess, he stiffens…Fog! a redeveloping-insecurity, misty-vulnerabilities, the hairs atop his arms are sprinkled with minute droplets of a rustic-dew…Germs! a worried mind bullies an obedient hand…Oily! waxy-concoction, firm pellets that succumb to the slightest of pressures…Sticky! bloodshot finger-tips and a circulating-thumb, Theodore’s exhausted senses instantly heighten…The Feeling! an intimate-movement, friction between grooves, the communicating channels of his fingers and brain speak. “Freely!” spoken softly, he discovers encouragement to sit up: regular-aches and common-pains, the passage elapses. Read the rest of this entry »

morning: Theories, daisies and swaying trees, a young-woman’s unswollen eye, blood-stained and glossy, correctly reflects it’s devouring ambience though an esoteric-puddle would; light ripples of aesthetic-flesh, graceful and gentle, a malicious-breeze moves steadily across her irresistible fine skin, salacious-dance, somber-strands of blown hair. In pulsating waves, she quivers, like an electrical-shock through unprotected temples, her emotional-frame’s untherapeutically shaken awake: disorientation, blinding-like, coordination necessary to comprehend what’s desired feels drugged, retarded and numb, her recollection’s only able to mumble unintelligible things. Read the rest of this entry »

1.  The smell of evergreen; he breaths easy, deeply. Tiny sparks flicker amongst near-by trees, his eyes glisten to it too, these on-coming reflections, warm, though promising; steadily, in an instant, ignite every raw-droplet of immaculate-sap with something that passes as living. Like twinkling-stars, he’s reminded, only tease, riddle and puzzle, leaving a healthy brain vulnerable to breakable dreams…Hopes! he stares up-ward, the passage of wishful thinking, his expression grins: laughter’s crossed his mind again. Helpless, he chuckles aloud, an advocate of self-ridicule. Read the rest of this entry »

I.  rain, pouring…WHO IS IT he’d for-ever wondered, THAT CRIES? rainbows, thick and miniature, swarm; falling within magnificent drop-lets, exaggerated with concentrations of air and myth…MOTHER! her moods were among the most atmospheric of the legends…YES! moments fully-bloomed through violence, so perfect, so seldom understood; every subtle expression, conception, life and death swirled, mixed; each blossom was both a new-born and fresh-corpse. Read the rest of this entry »